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Signed unused catheters $25. Used catheters $150!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Signed unused catheters $25, postage included. Please donate, and  use contact form to make your order.

Used catheters $150.

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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

I’m making folk art and selling t-shirts to help me out of a huge pile of medical related debt.

T-shirts, mugs, anything that can be printed with a picture of me will be offered. I will also do CUSTOM pictures and print them just for you. holding your name, or waring your business t-shirt. I will also be making custom art for people. if you want something checkered by me, send it to me, and I will send it back checkered out and signed. CUSTOM art for the customer!

T-shirts signed by me with front and back your choice of almost any picture on the website  (Except the Bizarre Magazine ones) are $60. You pic the pictures. I have 25000 pictures  in my library not seen online, and can take a custom picture holding your name up in the picture to show it was custom made only for you by me! A one-of-a-kind custom shirt.

More and more items to come. Other things like photos, folk art, mugs.

I’m dying slowly, and it is not cheap!

Please use the contact form or site email to order with and the donation box to pay. A store page is being constructed.


the money will be directly paid via Paypal Matt Gone Medical fund link on website

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