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Off-grid trailer project. I have Kidney Disease, and rare Birth Defects. Help me invest in solar panels, and other gear to go %100 off grid and move to my own land. To be free.

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Indiegogo Fundraising project launched!

My name is Matt Gone. I am %99 tattooed in a checker pattern. I was tattooed to hide rare Birth Defects. I have only 1 Kidney and Kidney Disease. I use my tattoos to get media attention for medical issues.

I’m a spokesperson for Kidney Disease, and Poland’s Syndrome. Poland’s Syndrome is my rare Birth Defect. I have been the primary spokesperson for it for over 25 years. Most of the media about this very rare Birth Defect is directly because of my work in the media. Over 20,000 people have been diagnosed with Polands Syndrome because of me.. I am in medical textbooks due to my work. I teach doctors about this Birth Defect. I have helped thousands of lives and will continue as long as I can. That is why this fund raising.

I live in a small travel trailer, and would like to buy cheap land, and live off grid in Southern Oregon, or Northern California. my finances are very small, and this is my only defense against homelssness. To continue my medical treatment and stay alive. To put it simply, I have a Terminal Illness.

All I want is to live off grid on my own land for my final years. I live in pain, and am partially disabled. My meidical condition will only get worse until I die. My dream of living on my own land is all that is left to keep me going. To have a very low cost way of living and enjoy the remaining year To complete this project.

 The budject is $20,000. That includes land, moving costs, water, and solar panels. I will live out there full time with my 2 cats. For you, the investor, you help a 25 year spokesperson for Disabled People continue his work, and keep a Terminally ill person from being homeless. You give a man who is dying young a last chance to live. That is all I can promise.

For a $10 investment, I will mail you a Matt Gone Postcard thanking you. I will mail it anywhere in the world. For $100, A postcard, and a t-shirt with my tattoos will be sent..

Please share this with as many people as you can. .

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