Genital tattooing before the face wannabe tattooed men rant.

Matt Gone nobody does genitals. All these dickless fools getting in the media with face ink, but no full gential-anal-seamelss motherfucker!!!! solid underwear on the the bodysuit. Getting you dick tattooed makes a man outta you. Then you be a tattooed man in the media with your face all done up right. Less chance of scribble. You don’t want a cover up on your you dick or face. Not sure which is more important not to get a cover up on? Then go on TV. You a tattooed man? Really? Whip it out motherfucker!! I thought so. I looked at your “tattooed man dick” and saw no tattooing? Guess I saw no dick either. Tattooed men had dicks last time I took a piss. Last time I took a shit and wiped my green tattooed browneye. Done 9 years before my face. Grew up a little. Saw a beach.

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