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Dumb update of the night I guess. Working out the mental and physical mechanics of injecting Starbrite blue tattoo ink-ordered from ebay :) - into my inner mouth. It is simple and gross mechanics of getting the shots in. Pain is not not even a nerve reaction to me. No flinch. Just depth and sticking a hypo inside my mouth. The mess. Tattoo in spit all over the tiny space. It makes a mess. Tattoo ink gets everywhere.

I’m not a scratcher. I’m a TATTOO HOBBYIST! I tattoo myself. Maybe a slave? Maybe your girlfriend before she met you? The past is cloudy with a chance of lies. I may not use gloves while using a brand new single use hypodermic to tattoo myself in my bathroom. 1 per session. You need the microscopic grip of flesh on flesh to tattoo the inside of your own face on mirror. Maybe some do not agree?

Going to tattoo my inner mouth tomorrow night. If it works, I’ll try to make video. No real reaction to the eye videos other than being ignored. People are sure watching them..


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