Sure there are a lot of people in this world covered in tattoos, however, we happen to be working with Matt Gone. A man who has more tattoos INSIDE his body than anyone in history. Matt has over 99% of his body tattooed, including his eyes, tongue, and inside his throat. Now you may have your assumptions on what that 1% of untattooed area is, but we know it’s the palms of his hands, and the soles of his feet. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Matt began his bodysuit in 1988 and has an estimated $150,000 in tattoos. His tattoo project was completed in 2008. Thus was born “The Checkered Man”! That’s right, his entire body is a checkerboard theme. His full body tattooing has been featured on the cover of magazines such as LA Times, Skin & Ink, Skin Deep, Savage, Cheri, and Bizarre Matt was also part of an international ad campaign for Southern Comfort. You may have seen him on networks such as Venice Beach Freakshow, The Discovery Channel and on programs like Medical Incredible and Ripley’s television show. As “The Checkered Man”, Matt works up to 20 countries a year. Most believe that knowledge is power, and if you wonder why someone would cover themselves in a checkerboard, the answer might surprise you. Matt Gone was born with a rare birth defect called Poland Syndrome which causes undeveloped or absent muscles on one side of the body. The tattooing was a way of self love, Matt wished to be proud of his body, and comfortable in his newly checkered skin. Diagnosed with Kidney Disease in 2007, Matt uses his tattooed image to raise awareness to the public of Rare Birth Defects, and Kidney Disease.

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