• The charts below are for measuring the skin surface damages in burn victims. They are used to measure how much skin is tattooed on a persons body as well. My figure of %98.25 tattoo coverage is based on these figures.

    • The only parts of my body not tattooed are my palms, and soles of the feet. I do not count the soles of the feet because they do not take tattoo ink. You cannot tattoo the soles of the feet. It has been done in a few extremely rare cases, but Most of the ink falls out. The palms can be tattooed. We have tried to tattoo my palms, and soles of my feet 4 times with no success.

  • I do not count the soles of the feet in the tattoo coverage formulas. Each palm is %1 of the skin surface. The %0.25 extra tattooing is internal tattooing done inside my mouth, my tongue, my nostril, and my anus.

  • That gives a figure of %98.25 tattoo coverage.

  • I do not believe %100 solid skin surface tattooing is healthy. There are those who say that because of the open spaces between my checker design I am not fully tattooed. %75 of my body is solid tattooing. This tattooing was all done between 3-8 layers of ink. Very little of my tattooing was done only once. Most has been tattooed 3-8 times.

    The %25 of open skin is part of the checker design. This is all very solid tattooing. Almost all tattooing has open skin in the design. Fine line gangster tattooing is not solid at all. They have much more open space in their tattooing. Very little tattooing is completely solid. Most Japanese work has more open space than me.

    • My tattoo designs cover %98.25 of my skin. It is %75 multi-layer solid tattooing. There is not a single square inch on my body that is not tattooed except my palms, and soles of the feet.

    • If you consider the open spots between my checkers to be a factor of my tattoo measurement. You are a fucking idiot!

Figure 2

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